Bump Butter

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This award winning balm helps promote skin elasticity and prevent stretch marks.


The raging hormones in pregnancy can make you more sensitive to things that might not affect you normally, such as sunlight, heat, detergents, chlorine and even certain foods.  Inevitably your skin can suffer, especially as it is being stretched in all sorts of unfamiliar directions and can suffer itchy tenderness.

Bump Butter is designed to mollify that discomfort with a skin-friendly, easily absorbed mix. It's full of gorgeously nutritious and healing organic nut and seed oils - including nature's miracle - rosehip seed oil. These fabulously rich oils all help to prevent damage to tissue and maintain excellent skin condition. The oils are thickened with beeswax, which itself has great health-giving advantages along with its natural preservative quality. And it means that it stays where you put it!

There's a subtle touch of two essential oils, rose geranium and lavender, each of which offer their cell-repair properties and, of course, a glorious and gentle aroma.

Method:  Massage gently all over and around the tummy, breasts, bottom, upper thighs. Love your expanding body!


(No reviews yet) Write a Review